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Daniel Defense poor quality?

I just got my chrome Daniel Defense bolt carrier group assembly and could not believe how rough the machining was, I'm talking chatter marks on the foreward assist grooves from milling too fast and rough machine marks around the whole exterior of the carrier. Even the chrome was dull and scratched inside the carrier and out. The bolt however is perfect and shows fine craftsmanship. I don't know weather to return it and try another brand or keep it as it will probably function fine. I am particularly nervous about sending it back because of how back ordered bcg's are right now. I compared it to a base dpms bcg and the dpms was hands down better machining and finish. Does Daniel Defense just sell crap at a premium price or is this a fluke part that somehow got past every employee including the chump that saw it and went ahead and chromed it and then the guy that saw the still goobered up part and packaged it anyhow?
I bought this bcg from Brownells and it is part #dd9300c, I gave the part a poor review and they never posted my review. If they don't post negative reviews than maby that's why there was only one review on this item...
Any how, have any of you experienced this and how foolish would it be to keep the bcg to prevent getting on a backorder list.
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