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The Smallbore Defensive Shotgun

The .410 shotgun is a great defensive tool,the gauge/caliber can be used by anyone that can shoulder a long arm.

The ammo situation is being cleared up due to the handguns that have arrived on the market.

The .410 guns are light weight and have a low recoil.

Ammo is also lacking in the weight and bulk area,which allows for more shells to be carried for the same weight as larger gauge guns.

The payload is small but is still capable of putting down a two legged threat and is nothing to sneeze at.

For those that are new to shotgunning I would recommend a .410,not only because of the low recoil,but because the limited ammount of shot will force the shooter to practice more and in turn become a better shotgunner with the heavy hitters on down the line.

DFG Mk-1


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