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Captains and others - first, I am not a lawyer, nor did I ever violate the premises of a "law school."

It is my civilian understanding that, at least here in Florida, the critical difference between "carrying" and "transporting" is ACCESS. (Couldn't get the Bold to work, vs all-caps) If your gun (shotgun is irrelevant) is 3 steps or more away from access to firing-capable, it is "transporting," AFAIK. That means unloaded, in a container, and locked. A container probably includes a storage compartment in an SUV, for example, and a locked one of those probably meets the definition of the third step.

The meaning of the rule is that it must take at least three dissimilar steps to retrieve, arm and fire the weapon.

In the 1950s I would have thought this requirement outrageous. Today I think it is reasonable because cops are more likely to be shot at than before (never mind our troops abroad). But the people around me today are not like the people who were around me in the 1950s. The Slippery Slope has been "slud."

To me, the lesser of the evils is a CCW permit.
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