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One other thing. They are great with customer service. I had one that had a problem with it, my young son maybe 14 at the time decided to take it apart and fix it with out my knowledge. To make a long story short I mailed the gun back to them in many pieces with a note on what happened. They found the problem (broken pawl) and returned the gun good as new and all put back together. I had mailed the gun out on a Monday and had it back by Saturday. They did all this for NO CHARGE and even put a note in the box for my son that when he is alittle older and wants to work on guns to give them a call and maybe he could get a job with them. They noticed he had used the correct scewdrivers when he took it apart and didn't bugger any screws so they figured he knew enough to do that at 14 maybe he'll turn into a gunsmith. Heritage is A++ in my book and I wouldn't hesitate to buy another.
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