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My Tikka's are shooters!

Well I picked up a couple new Tikka T3's in .270 for myself and my son. He just turned 16yrs old and need a deer rifle and I have been looking to get a new gun as well. I got a deal on a T3 hunter for me and a T3 lite for my son. I topped them off with Zeiss Conquest 3-9 scopes and Warne rings.

I am just blown away with the performance of these guns. I did a light break in and then set out to find their favorite shell. I tried Federal blue box, Hornaday SST, Winchester power max, and Federal Fusion's. Both guns really liked the Fusion's best.

I am more of an airgun guy and I don't follow powder burner trends real close. I hadn't even heard of a Tikka a month ago, but after doing tons of research I had trouble finding a bad word about the Tikka T3.

I would have been happy with MOA and sub MOA would have been a bonus. I think these groups speak volumes about the Tikka T3. I had thought about getting into hand loading but with factory ammo shooting like this I don't think I'll waste my time.

I absolutely love these Tikka's!


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