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I'm guessing that you are shooting a near-max load and some of the cases are needing to have the shoulders pushed (bumped) back just a bit, which a neck sizing die won't do. That would account for some difficulty in chambering, but easy extraction. If I'm correct, then you can buy a die that will bump the shoulder back a bit. Or, you can use the FL dies that you already have and partial resize the cases. The 06 case has enough taper that the partial resize will work. The Nosler manual (or the internet) has a brief explanation of how to do this, but the basic answer is that you don't bottom out the FL die like you would to totally FL size the case. You'll be sizing most, but not all of the neck, and you should be able to set the shoulders back just a tiny bit. You'll have to fiddle with it to find just the right amount of sizing to work in your rifle. I used this technique for years with my 270 and 220 Swift. Think of the procedure as a little more sizing than neck sizing, but a little less than FL sizing.
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