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Again: Browning is owned by FN. There is no "Winchester" company anymore, as such. The old US Repeating Arms company (successor to the Winchester firearms company initially and by the end of its existence only the New Haven factory operation) was also owned by FN. Browning has never "owned" any part of the Winchester firearms operation under any version of its manufacture.

Browning licenses the Winchester name from Olin Corp, who owns it & still uses the Winchester brand for its ammunition branch.

Browning obtained the current Winchester licensing rights when they came up for option a couple years back & did so to enable Browning to act as FN's US importer & distribution network for foreign & domestic Winchester-branded guns.
There is no plant or manufacturing facility that Browning owns & no Winchester company for Browning to own.
Browning doesn't own the South Carolina FN factory.
I'm not aware of any other company that Browning owns. It manufactures nothing itself.
Browning is not a "parent company".

I know what BACO stands for, and as I said I can understand it being on imports, but not on domestic production.
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