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Bob - I wish I could have taught my wife that. Before she ever went to a range, she listened to a female friend who told her that "recoil" is more terrible than (fill in the blank, except death). Ruined everything. She thinks, no joke, that her .32 Long has too much recoil. I can't get her to reconcile the thought of "recoil" with "that big guy coming at you when I'm not home." So I bought her a .22 Magnum and she is very happy with it. Better than nothing. My daughter and daughter-in-law both are OK shooting 9mm yet my wife won't go near one.

I have resigned myself to try to train my wife how to reload, on command, anything I hand to her under any condition. The "on command" part isn't working worth a crap.

Occasionally I like to watch the TV show, "The Dog Whisperer." Too bad there wasn't one called, "The Gun Whisperer." Guess it's too late for that now.
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