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New Coonan Classic owner

I've enjoyed reading comments on the Classic, and will add my first impressions. I have several (my wife probably has a full count) 1911 based pistols and three Desert Eagles, one in .357M. Than, there's the L.A.R. Grizzly in 45WM and a Detonics Scoremaster in .451 Detonics M. I found my Classic on an auction site, and paid just under the list price $1225, for the standard issue, with wood grip panels, and three dot sights. The backlog is listed as 9-12 months. My Classic is sn CHA12xx. I picked it up on my way out to hunt, so my first rounds fired were directly out of box. Just couldn't wait to try it out, so neglected to clean and lube. New toy, couldn't wait..... I shot Federal 158gr JSP and Remington Golden Saber 125gr JHP. One magazine of each. I was shooting for function, not accuracy, and I had several FTE, where the case hung up in the ejection port. Some of the brass landed at my feet and most didn't clear 5 feet. That is one stiff recoil spring! I have no concerns about the FTE, since I figure that was my fault for failing to lubricate it, and not using the recommended ammo. That ammo being Magtech 158gr or American Eagle 158gr, both in JSP. I usually use the recommended ammo or at least factory, before I go to my reloads. The pistol comes with a bottle of FP10 and the manual (read this after I got home) says to lubricate the slide rails and barrel muzzle. Reading the manual was useful and I recommend it highly. Quality of the finish is overall excellent. Interior is well polished. In take-down, the slide lock lever is much easier to remove and install, than the standard 1911 with barrel link. The barrel bushing is fairly loose. Only needed finger pressure to remove and install. Unlike my warmed over Colts that really need the bushing wrench. The slide to frame fit is looser than I would expect. Not sloppy, just loose compared to most of my 1911's. Coonan mentions barrel flex in his pistols due to the higher pressure of the 357M. This may be for another reason for being generous with lubrication. The trigger has a slight amount of creep, but is better than any factory trigger in my other pistols. Not counting the Detonics Scoremaster, which I think is exceptional. I really like the 3 dot sights, which are fixed for elevation. Next trip to the range I'll check accuracy and find out how well the sights work. Both front and rear are in dovetails, so should be easy to swap if needed. I ordered a spare magazine from Coonan at $59, but it's backordered until next month. They must really be busy. I think it a great fit for me. I don't think the grip is too thick, the balance is fine, and the recoil is no issue. I'll post again after I give it a proper test.
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