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New guy, looking for some advice

Brand new guy to shooting, will try and keep this short. Been out a couple times to shoot skeet and really caught the bug. Also, skeet is an activity my wife has expressed some interest which allows us to spend a little time together instead of just raising a couple rug rats. I’ve been doing quite a bit of research online and have only shot two 12 gauge guns - Benelli Ultra Light (which was in fact very light) and Browning Citori 625 Field. I’ll try and also articulate the “why” I want to get one. Been through this forum a couple times and will just say I am all ears for any comments and/or advice.

General thoughts:
Would like to have something I can eventually pass down to one of the rug rats and keep in the family. Because of that, I would like to purchase new. Want traditional wood (non-synthetic/carbon fiber). Ideally it could take different size shells (if that's even a consideration). I really like the o/u (the look and ease of loading) but they seem to be fairly expensive considering I don’t know how much I’ll get into this yet. My budget is in the neighborhood of $2k but certainly don't need to spend it.

Skeet/trap. Home Defense (although this is somewhat secondary. I guess if I got serious about this, I would go with a tactical version)

Current identified models/makes based soley on looks, price and specs. Here's where I could really use the experts guidance. I haven't held any of these yet as I would like to narrow the search down before I trek off to the stores. Also, I realize I'm probably missing a ton of options and/or have identified guns that really don't meet my needs:

Browning Silver Hunter (MSRP $1179.99) - love the look of this one and see that pretty much everyone speaks highly of them
Benelli M2 Field Satin Walnut (MSRP $1269) - love the look and have heard nothing bad about the maker
Franchi L (MSRP $1149) - read in Field/Stream that this is a top 10 buy for the money this year
Beretta A300 Outlander (MSRP $825) - love the look of this one

Many thanks in advance to anyone that would like to offer up advice
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