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That all depends on how much you want to spend and how accurate you want to be.

I have an old gamo 220, that was rated at 1000fps in .177. I have a 3" square steel target I shoot it at and can ring it pretty consistently, offhand at 50 yds with the iron sights. Maybe 8 out of 10 shots on a good day. I'd say its functionally very accurate, but its not a single hole benchrest kind of gun. Its more of a hunting/sporting rifle.

If you're looking for teeny tiny groups, you probably need to look for more of a target type rifle. Most of the sporters will shoot good groups, but not competition/measure it with a caliper type of groups.

As long as you stay in the 1000fps or faster class you will be fine shooting out to 50 yards. At 100 ft its pretty much point and shoot. At 50 yards, you may have to slightly adjust your hold. A good gun will perform consistently and you can learn the trajectory just like you would with a regular rifle.

My next air rifle will most likely be a benjamin trail NP:

I'd also like a maruader, but neither one is a high enough priority for me to spend the money right now.
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