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I started my LE career carrying an issued 6-shot revolver. I carried another 6-shot revolver off-duty, or, when I wanted to carry greater capacity, I carried my 7+1 Commander. I eventually carried one or another 5-shot snub off-duty (.38 Spl, .357 Magnum & .44 Special).

After carrying one or another 9, .40 & .45 over the remainder of my career, I finished my career carrying an issued 7+1 capacity .45 compact ... and more often than not I was carrying a 5-shot J-frame off-duty. Go figure.

In my retirement I may still choose to carry one of my various 9's, .40's or .45's, depending on the circumstances and anticipated situations, but more often than not ... it's one of my 5-shot snubs.

I must have some level of confidence in them for retirement CCW usage. When it comes to 5-shot snubs I own 7 S&W J-frames and a Ruger SP101 DAO.

I do own a number of 6-shot revolvers, with barrel lengths running from 2 1/2" out to 7 1/2", but it's the 5-shot wheelguns that see most actual carry usage.

If I were to return to active duty and was told I'd be carrying an issued 6-shot revolver, it wouldn't cause me to lose any sleep.

Being able to carry one of those 8-shot .357 Magnum revolvers being made by S&W nowadays, with the lightweight frames, as a duty weapon? Even better.

Mindset, skillset, experience, tactics ... and sufficiently frequent proper practice to maintain skillset, familiarity & handling/manipulation under demanding conditions.

The particular handgun, caliber & ammunition capacity considerations fall under the "equipment" consideration, which aren't necessarily at the top of my list of concerns.
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