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Originally Posted by CS86
I imagine I can figure out how to put a trigger parts kit into a lower unit, but has anyone ran into much for complications doing so? Seems like a lot of parts and I wasn't sure if you are saving much doing it.
That's a reasonable question and anxiety.

I am the sort of dumby who can't, as they say, find his rear with a compass and a map. Yet, I have put together lowers. Just get your parts, and find a youtube video.

You know how people tell you something is easy, but it is only easy for people who are good at it? This isn't one of those times.

What you get out of it:

1. You aren't paying for a pistol grip or trigger or stock you didn't want but came with the lower but that you will remove and stick in your parts box, and

2. you get to say "I did build that."
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