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By neck sizeing only you do not work your cases as much as you do with FL dies. If your cases seem to be sized down alot, you have a large chamber, they will blow out about 1/2 in form the bottom of the case if FL sized. If you have a fairly tight chamber FL is ok and the case neck should split first. This is if you load your cases untill they gie up. I do alot of both, but perfer to neck size only the ammo that is gong back in the same gun. As for seating depth I have found gun that like a long bullet jump, but not many, and other that I jam the bullet into the lands for best accuracy. I would recomand that you try different seatings to find out what you gun likes. As a rule I have found that short bullets can be jumped farther than long bullets. That`s another rule made to be broken. If your looking for another powder to try you might give 4831 a try.
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