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I have two .38 snubs left as I downsize in my golden years. A S&W 638 J frame and a Colt Detective Special. Neither are carried often as the Kahr PM9 or my Glock G26, both in 9mm are better choices for my circumstances.

I could be happy with a LCR if I was in the market but 40 years of history with a S&W j frame of one flavor or another would tend to bias my choice towards another "J".

Never owned a Taurus that I liked. They all had some issue or another. Others I know think highly of them. Something to consider.

I will say however that a Charter Arms Undercover has on several occasions comforted me and I still think highly of them. Not my first choice but I would choose them over a Taurus. My opinion and worth every penny you paid for it.
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