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Neck or Full Length?

I have been going back and forth between neck sizing and FL sizing. I only load for the same gun and have been neck sizing only for a while now.

In a Rem. 700, 30.06 production rifle with only an action bedding job, how much could i really gain by neck sizing only?

I had the full action and barrel bedded a few years back and recently floated the barrel which changed the accuracy of my previous "perfect load", so i will have to go back to the range and work up another that likes the floated barrel. The hand loads are often hard to chamber but always easy to extract. I do trim each case every loading with the Lee case length guide and use a Hornady chamber length guage to measure my chamber and have the the bullet around an 1/8" from the lands. After i find a load my gun likes, I always use the same fire formed brass, same stamp of cases, same primers and am within the charges of published data. Like i say, i trim, chamfer and debur every case as well as individually weigh the charges. Tried neck turning but gave up on that because i couldnt find a way to be consistant with how far down to the shoulder i was turning.

My components have been IMR-4350, Fed. 210 primers, Rem. Brass and the C/T ballistic silver tip bullet. Im a creature of habit but am thinking of trying a different bullet and maybe powder. I have always assumed the C/T bullet reduces copper fouling which would help more consistant groups.

I have been set on seating the bullet out to the lands for a while now but wonder if i need to give up on that and seat closer to sammi standards. Any advice?
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