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I started not to post in this thread too, but PiperSuperCubPilot sounds like a person who needs reassurance.

Lots of people, have been in very dangerous environments like war, high crime areas as police, or someone likely to be robbed and attacked and got along fine with 5-6 shot revolvers and 7-8 shot semi-autos. The vast majority of those people never even fired their handguns. The ones that did, rarely needed to reload, especially under fire.

Conversely, people who never thought they'd need their handgun, fired every round of their 15-18 shot semi-auto handguns and some or all of their spare magazines before the shooting was over. They are even a smaller minority.

My own personal view is that 5-7 initial medium caliber handgun rounds and one, or two reloads is an acceptable amount for a civilian CCW holder to defend themselves, against common criminal threats. However don't take that to mean that I'm opposing more, or less firepower. All of its flexible and open to personal preference. If someone feels more confident and comfortable, then by all means carry a larger caliber, higher capacity handgun.
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