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About the Rugers and Buckmarks,,,

They are fine single action target style pistols,,,
I own two 22/45's and like them both a lot,,,
I also have a pair of the Beretta NEOS,,,
But they aren't like a full size gun.

The Ruger MK pistols, Ruger 22/45, Browning Buckmark, S&W 22-A, and the Beretta NEOS are all single action target pistols.

They are not in the same class as the guns the OP was inquiring about,,,
He was asking (I believe) about guns that feel and operate like a full size centerfire pistol.

So unless your centerfire is a 1911 style gun,,,
None of the big five target pistols are what he wants to know more about.

S&W M&P, CZ-75B Kadet, and the Sig-Sauer Classic 22's,,,
Are all that come to mind right now.

If someone knows of other steel or alloy frame guns in this category,,,
I would love for you to tell us what they are,,,
I would like to read up on them.

Chia-Pet,,, eerrr,,, Chiappa is now making a Beretta 92 look-alike,,,
Also there are several nice 1911 style .22 pistols out there,,,
But from what I have read they all have Zamak slides.

I just can't make myself buy a Zamak pistol,,,
That's why I can't recommend the Sig Mosquito and Walther P-22.

But hey,,,
That's just my opinion.


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