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Yeah, I got a MkII and while it is quite accurate, reliable and durable, it just doesn't have that fun factor like my M&P22 or SR22 has. In the case of the M&P22 and SR22, both have been very accurate for what they are and a real blast to shoot. Both of them gobble up Remington Gold bullet Walmart bulk box ammo without problems so the need for expensive (as far as .22 ammo goes) mini-mags isn't a problem. Speaking of accuracy, in both of the follow pictures, these were fired using CCI mini-mags (during the initial 200 round break-in period for my M&P22) from a distance of 15m from a prone unsupported position:

The M&P22. I know, I should have adjusted the sights first but since this was mainly for group size and function, I didn't before I took this picture:

The SR22. Not quite as good as the M&P22 but still not bad and a very compact pistol to boot:

While my M&P22 takes any light my full size M&P45 does, I don't have any pictures of it with a light mounted. The SR22 however due to the very short rail is more limited on what light I can use. I looked at a TLR3 but wasn't too keen on how it was kind of just hanging out there. Looked sort of spindley and delicate. I did however go with the new Crimson Trace Railmaster light and this thing fits like it was made for the SR22! It's not what I would call a quick detach design but it is pretty bright for its size, not as snag-prone as a TLR3 and has been a pretty good performer so far.
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