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I don't do any gun work but decided after I bought my first AR, I would build my 2nd to a point. Started with a Spike's Tactical stripper lower and a PSA (Palmetto State Armory) Lower BUILD kit. Spike's kits are back ordered. My first assembly went without a hitch and now it's my favorite AR.
That is what I did and I love it . As for putting a lower together , I would say the hardest thing for me was the pin for the bolt catch . Only cus of the angle it goes in at . you need to tape up the reciever as not to ding or mar it . I also needed someone to hold the reciever while I held the pin with needle nose and hamered it in . At the time I did not have a vise block .

I will add this , Your first build may not save much money do to the fact you will need some tools . Brass punchs , butt stock wrench , vise block or third hand .

PSA , Del-Ton , Spikes All good lowers

This is a nice LPK with a RRA match trigger
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