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I admit I haven't read this entire thread. My first thought for the OP was, "move someplace safer". I know this is not always a viable option. A post of this type gets one envisioning an attack of the magnitude suggested, and the thoughts about staving off such an attack vary tremendously, at least in my case. I do tend to overthink things sometimes. I would want my first line of defense to be a tactical 12 gauge shotgun with a mag tube extension, or even one of the fancy hi-cap shotgun mags I've been seeing on shooting shows lately. My thought is, that if you are facing 5 assailants, there won't be a lot of aiming or even conscious thought about what you are doing going on. Also, at least for me, shotgun shooting is more intuitive somehow. I haven't used shotguns a lot, so I'm not what one could call a "shotgun guy", but I have no trouble hitting stuff with them. The .357 could be used to finish em off, if they still have the wherewithal to be reaching for a weapon.
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