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@Manta: I am not taking anyone's advice line for line...I do not follow orders from anyone (specially on a forum) except my wife and my boss! I just absorb valuable nuggets of info on here and the REASON I created this thread was because I was interested in improving my carry system and now I understand that committing to C1 is really the only way to fly. I learned that the only way to power through my fears was to just dive in....safely & responsibly....and stay consistent. And its working.

Somewhere on here I probably explained that Ive never had "formal" training of any sort, but have owned and shot at least 20 guns over the last 6 years or so. I understand the differences with actions, safeties, triggers, etc. Not a beginner when it comes to gun safety....just EXTREMELY hesitant to carry with one in the pipe until I read all these great posts. Thanks again
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