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Curious about the several comments about a "full 40 gr charge", when the Dragoons should take 50grs. Mine has room left over when loaded with 50.

....This load, unfortunately, is just strong enough to drop the loading lever almost every time.....Some guys just twist one of those ladies stretchy hair elastic thingies or a rubber band around the barrel/loading lever to combat the LL drop.
Being a 'real man', I just deal with it.....LOL!
Um, why not just fix it? A heavier spring can be used, or some put a small stell ball bearing or piece of shot in under the spring to stiffen it up.

I can't imagine that it would be that hard to kill a deer with a Dragoon. Back in the day, the Dragoons were used for killing buffalo from horseback, and considered a good tool for the job. Audubon killed a buff that was about to overtake him on foot once, it was so close it burned the hair on its head at the shot. Killed it dead with the one shot though. There was also a report from Wyoming in the 1850's of a cavalry detachment that had cornered a grizzly and they had shot it several times with 36 cal Navies, without effect. Another guy came up with a Dragoon and killed it with two shots. When they skinned it, the discovered that the 36 cal balls hadn't penetrated far enough to do fatal damage, tho the Dragoon certainly had.

I'm planning on using my Dragoon to shoot deer, and a buffalo one day.
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