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if you are looking for a simple and practical safe that has both keypad and a key lock hidden behind a plastic cover in the middle you cant see it on the picture but its there.

I own this one:

its big enough for a few pistols
and you are not going to open it by dropping it on the floor
the bolts are over an inch long recessed into the side.
no its not going to stop a pro, but it will keep your stuff where you left it most of the time.
and the price, is simply the best you will find on this

NO safe under 500 dollars is going to keep out a real thief. Many of these safes are meant only to secure a gun from the hands of kids. Yeah, you can defeat them, usually by beating on them with something, and if its locked beside your bed, I think you just may hear them doing it. I use mine for securing my pistol when I am home. I use a proper gun safe if I am gone from the house. But it requires much longer to gain access to for me to use my weapon. So, the quick easy open one keeps me safe and secure against accidents.

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