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Consider a CZ-75B Kadet or Sig classic 22,,,

The Sig Mosquito may be getting better but it is still made of Zamak,,,
That and it's iffy reputation for performance makes me leery,,,
Spend a little bit more money and get a better gun.

Sig makes a "Classic 22" on three of their models,,,
These are convertable up to 9mm, 40 S&W, and .357 Sig using their X-Change Kit.

P-226 Classic 22 is one example,,,
This way you get a real pistol that is chambered for .22 LR.

If you are considering a CZ-75B Kadet,,,
You need to hurry and make your purchase,,,
CZ is discontinuing the complete pistol this year,,,
Soon you will only be able to buy the Kadet Adapter Kit.

I own the CZ-75B Kadet and can attest to it's fine performance,,,
I usually run CCI Mini Mags through the gun,,,
But it performs with Federal Bulk Pack too.

Just something else to consider.


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