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You two guys have to ask yourselves a couple things...
First is: what am I expecting from -MY- handloads?
Second is: what are folks hoping to gain from this thread?

First question... especially with handgun rounds is brother, it just ain't all that damn tough to make one that works... well, even, especially when AGAIN, we get down to our expectations. Sure, everyone would love a dream world where they can feed any gun a particular concoction that makes it a laser-like tack driver where no shot will -EVER- deviate from dead-nuts center. But a lot of us are looking for a load in one caliber that runs well in many of our handguns and I've managed to do it, so I don't understand why someone else who has posted a load on here might not stumble across one. If I can make a 9mm handload that performs PLENTY good enough for knocking down steel plates and having fun and my load works in FIVE different 9mm pistols that I own, is there sufficient reason to believe that perhaps it might work in someone else's 9mm pistol?

So maybe it's not a 50 yard Bullseye competition load. Maybe it's not the load you use to be the first maniac to chase down African Elephant and snub with an ear shot with a Glock 19.

But it works and to address question number two... if someone has never loaded a round of 9mm before in their lives, they can look at this thread and say,
"HEY! Here's a load that works for this guy. I'll reduce that 5 or 10% and see if I can work it up and maybe it'll be a good place for ME to start?! Afterall, this load manual here and the two other manuals I have show me 57 loads with 12 different slugs...but I happen to have similar slugs to Sevens' loads and I have 2 pounds of Universal on hand. I think maybe I'll try it."
I've tried different loads that have been posted right here on this forum by our guys. I've discussed some loads and load ranges with folks from this forum through e-mail and worked loads from that information.

I don't think anyone expects the "holy grail" load to be posted here, some load that nobody ever thought of before that turns any firearm in to a death-ray instantly and rises above every other handloaded round ever concocted.

I recently got a buddy started in handloading. He doesn't hang out in gun forums, so he was looking over the manual & data sources I directed him to find & purchase. Still, he was jaw-dropped at where to start and how to understand the differences in the 50 different loads he was staring at. (.357 Magnum... you could say there are some options...) So I pointed him toward a bullet, powder and primer that I like, and a charge weight to begin at.

That's not much different than posting "favorite loads" in a discussion thread.

You opposition to people chatting up relevant handloading topics is duly noted, but you ought to consider a view that's a wee bit wider than the tunnel-vision that continue to push about the "value" in someone else's load.

Someone else's load as posted in a thread is a fine nugget of evidence of something that they claim works for them. You can read it -- double or triple check it's validity across some published sources, and then use it as a load to work toward (or beyond!) and see if it works for you.
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