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I got lucky and decided to simplify before buying to many different calibers.

I have 9mm, .22lr, 12ga, and 7.62x54r. Mostly because I can afford to shoot them, I have 3 .22s. I plan on adding .308 and .357 but other than that I think im ok.

Maybe a 20ga if gf ever gets into shooting.

keep the legacy guns, enjoy them for what they are. You'll regret selling them if you do.

I have no intention of ever selling the legacy guns.

My thought was to get rid of the AR15/Glock/Benellis in favor of using just the legacy guns and getting a couple of additional guns that are the same type.

They would be the absolute last guns that I would ever get rid of, which got me to thinking that maybe I should just get down to those guns now instead of waiting.
I am no longer participating in gun forums.

Good luck.
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