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No one size fits all!

My feeling is that to choose a self-defense gun, you have to look at your own individual needs.

Generally, a short barrelis chosen for a defense gun. You mentioned the Browning. I should know, but do not. What is the shortest barrel available with one. Speaking about barrels, if they are supposedly available how easy is it to get them? The shortest security barrels are often open cyllinder (no choke and do not accept srew in chokes). Some want to be able to use choke on a security gun.

Will you be the only one to use it? If not, consider other shooters such as the wife and whether you will need an adjustable stock. Perhaps a short stock with a slip on pad will do. Is a pump or a semi easier for all users to learn to operate? Weight can be an issue for a little person.

What is the environment? Are you on a large piece of property and will you want more reach or in a small apartment. Perhaps a smaller gauge does the trick in confined urban spaces, but you may need more boom juice to reach out further and say howdy.

Will this defense gun serve other duties, such as shooting trap or skeet. Pumps can be used for double shots, but will handicap a target shooter. Some very inexpensive pumps may suffice for your security needs, but may not have barrels available for target shooting, hunting.

Do you need a right or left handed gun? What about the safety location? If you want to trick it out, are there accessories available? Perhaps you really like a bottom ejector.

Then, with a budget of $1500, you can consider wood.

What I am saying is none of the top three may be right for you.
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