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Originally Posted by DragonHeart2
If you are not shooting 5000 rounds a year then you would be better off buying ammo at Walmart.

That's insane. I spent just over $500 on all my equipment.

Rifle rounds:
I load hunting rounds with TTSX bullets that cost me about $17/20. Factory ammo with that bullet is $47/20. I save $30/20 rounds.

Typical lead-core, copper-jacket bullet and varmint rounds for $7/20. Factory ammo is at least $19/20 and as much as $30 or more in some cases.

Handgun rounds, I load for 357sig and 10mm. Factory ammo cost is at least $31/100. I can load those rounds for about $18/100 using Monatana Gold bullets.

So, if I shoot 1000 handguns rounds, I have saved at least $130. If I shoot 100 rifle rounds, I save at least $60, and as much as $150.

The whole $500 is back in my hands within a year, at no where remotely close to 5,000 rounds a year. In fact, it could be no more than a few hundred rounds.

Besides which, my ammo shoots much better than any factory ammo I've ever used. I'd pay the $500 just for that.

Never mind the fact that I am instantly freed to choose any cartridge I might want, rather than worrying about whether or not I can get ammo. THAT is worth $500 in my book.
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