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I keep better logs now /

I got lucky with my press purchase, an RCBS Rockchucker. Happened onto the best single stage press money can buy (in that price range). I was organized, I bought good tooling, had patience and did not put the cart before the horse...but my record keeping was non exisant so to speak. I wrote down the bullet, primer and powder. That's it!

My logs don't leave anything out now. A couple years ago, my ammo shelf gave way and dumped ~ 1000 rounds onto the floor all mixed up. Because of my record-keeping, I was able to rebox every single round without mistake.

I log bullet, alloy, size, lube, brass brand X fired, X trimmed, powder, hand weighed (HW), or powder measure thrown (PM), primer, how many rounds and date of loading. Beautiful and worth the effort.
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