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I started 24 years ago and wouldn't change much. Got steered in the right direction by friends.

I'd get an RCBS Partner or Rockchucker press KIT. The Rockchucker is more expensive, but the Partner works just as well and takes up less space if that matters.

Powder measure. I like the RCBS Uniflow.

Hand primer tool. I like the Lee Autoprime.

RCBS dies for the calibers you intend to reload. Three die sets, taper crimp for auto calibers. Resist the temptation to get cheaper sets, 4 die sets or dies with magical factory crimp properties. IMHO.

Decent digital caliper.

Max case gauges for any auto calibers.

Speer and Lyman manuals plus ABCs of Reloading.

If you're going to do rifle calibers, then you need, in addition to dies, a power case trimmer. I like the Possum Hollow. Also a little finger operated Wilson chamfer/deburr tool.

Tha's most of it. Lots of little goodies in the kits.

An inexpensive vibratory case cleaner. Load 50/50 with corn cob and crushed walnut media with 1/2 cap of Nu-Finish car polish.
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