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New Ruger Bolt-Actions

I looked online for a lightweight bolt action for long hikes into a hard to access area, where motorized travel is not an option, (ATVs not Permitted). I've always been a big fan of Ruger. The Hawkeye met every specififcation that I was looking for. So I hit the gun shops asking for one in .308 Win. And found a new one that day. After I worked the bolt to the rear, and back into battery a few times... I handed back to the dealer and walked out.

It may just be that I'm spoiled from the quality of the action of the older rifles, and many other improvements have been made over the years... Stocks, barrels, triggers.. I can't help but ask. WHAT THE HELL HAPPEND TO THE SMOOTH AS GLASS BOLTS? It felt like JUNK! and for it's price! No way could I feel proud to own anything of such diminished quality.
I ended up buying a Savage 11/111 Lightweight Hunter .308 Win.
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