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Expectations ??

One of our teaching rifles, is a CVA Bobcat. I chose this one because it is still a sidelock (??). It's light for the younger folks, easy to clean and very serviceable, for this teaching effort. Even at that, we run into ignition problems, using loose 777. ...

Personally, I would not push this little guy too hard and keep to a modest hunting shot string, using loose powder. I'm sorry but I just could not put this much trust in this rifle. We have shot 70grns. of 777 and strictly round ball. Also knowing how the Maxi's and Mini's shoot, I would never shoot these in this rifle. ....

Definition of Performance; Meeting or exceeding your expectations.

There are many Bobcats out there and this is only MHO. I'm sure and hope that others in here could provide more support toward your goals ...

Be Safe !!!
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