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This wishful thinking is why I said we only have "P.C." discussions here. This is the Pollyanna effect. Anyone who thinks that there will be a push by people who have publicly stated they support enacting restrictions are quickly branded as kooks. We know for a fact that a strong majority of members of the party in (2/3) control are in favor of gun control and it is a badge of honor to say you are for gun control. But mention that the UN arms treaty just went back up for negotiation today,big surprise,and you are Chicken Little. No I don't think much of that, but I have been whining about judicial appointments for the last four years and when you stack four years of judicial appointments on top of the last four years, you have a serious problem. As I see it, the "P.C." part of this is akin the proverbial circular firing squad, well they caucus with the wrong side, but "that boy sure do love his guns," they vote for bills in lock step with the wrong side, but "that boy sure love him some guns" and they vote for judicial nominees in lock step with the wrong side but, "boy howdy, he really do love them guns." And so what if their party is in favor of idiotic gun laws, "they really love them there guns." Now lets replace Justice Kennedy with a Kagan/Sotomayor Clone and, "sorry I voted in lock-step with my party for the nomination of Justice X, but I sure do love me my guns." That is why I believe we fail to keep it real. If you voted for a "D" that loves them there guns, you just put a another nail in the coffin.

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