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The easiest approach to the Lee instructions is just to view their help videos.
For the pistol seating die.
For the Carbide FCD.

For .45 Auto, the SAAMI spec calls for the case mouth to be at a diameter of 0.467" to 0.473" wide (see SAAMI drawing) for proper headspacing. (Note all cartridge diameter specs in that drawing are maximums with minus 0.006" tolerance unless otherwise noted at the individual diameter dimension.) So you want to adjust the crimp die to produce a case mouth diameter in that range. If you use mixed brass, since some is made thicker at the mouth than others, you do best to sort your brass by headstamp and check samples of each headstamp with your crimp die setup to make sure none are so thin that the bullet is loose after your normal crimp diameter is achieved. I've had that problem with Remington .45 Auto cases in the past, especially after the second or third reloading when they've started work hardening and tend to spring back more from either sizing or taper crimping.

Note on bullet COL: some round nose bullet designs are elliptical in profile, like military ammo, while some are hemispherical. The more blunt hemispherical shape often has to be seated deeper to feed properly. If you have that situation you may need to adjust charge weight down a little. Just use the the rule of thumb to knock the charge down 10% and work the load back up.
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