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Behaviorally, the Pres. deliberately avoided any strong actions on gun control. When they had the strong majority in 2008, nothing happened. Yes, the usual suspects said the usual things. If one recalls GWB trotted out flag burning amendments, abortion amendments and the like every once in awhile to get base support- but he really did nothing.

When, in this election, the GOP actually had folks who truly pushed their extreme views, those senatorial candidates got clobbered.

Since the realistic pols will take this lesson, I doubt the realists will let an extreme divisive gun control position get rolling. Yes, you can say the realist views of the first term were a set up for the UN to come a calling. I think the wheels are turning for 2016 and while there may be rhetoric, the poll numbers of gun control (most of the country are against) will not lead to legislation with significant impact.

The lesson of pushing extremes is out there now.
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