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Some people seem to think that "corrosive" primed ammo is caustic and will damage the gun, and this is not true. It is only corrosive because of salts in the priming compound, which will attract water, and therefore lead to rust if the salts are not removed. All this means, is if you shoot corrosive ammo, you just need to clean the gun shortly thereafter.

In reality, every round fired through a military surplus rifle up to the point they ended up in the hands of a collector, was corrosive.
All you need to do it remove the salts, and that is really easy, as salt is water soluble. I pour hot water down the barrel, but a wet patch or two will also work.

Windex also works fine, as it is mostly water.

Corrosive ammo is really a non issue.

The only thing to be aware of with the Yugo stuff tends to have hard primers. Depending on how strong your spring is, you may get an occasional "click" when you are expecting a "bang".

Never heard of any hang-fires with this stuff, but I have always just given it a few seconds to make sure, then recocked the rifle and hit it again. They have always gone off for me on the second hit.
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