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So many things to address:

Primers - I use and always have used CCI Standard primers in all small rifle applications, never any problems or concerns. This may be because I shoot my loads. For large rifle primers, I have used CCI LR Mags in heavy belted mag cases (7MM Rem Mag, 375 H&H Mag types) but then only with heavy loads. I have had no problems but took note when seeing very light 'touches' on the primers of rounds that had been loaded in my M1A, nothing even close to what is needed to fire the primer.

If you have concerns, just get the 'Mag' rated primers or those with 'Mil' spec accreditation. The price difference is minimal.

The Gun Digest link is very informing and well done. But it is history of why and how. As you have posted your question in a 'Handloading, Reloading' Forum, I must hope that you are or plan to become a self-loader for your selected weapon/s. With this in mind, I suggest that you load for your weapon/s, always cognitive of the safety limits and functional limits. Search out and find 'THAT' loading combination that best suites you and your weapon/s.

I load for several .223/5.56 weapons and find no one loading that is best for more than one weapon. Oh, with few exceptions, they will function but are far less than optimal. Example; heavier (longer) bullets being used in my Rem 600 with a 1 in 14 twist. I have found that my AR-180 with 1 in 12 twist just can not stabilize 62gr mil pull bullets (the Rem 600 does?). My pet loads for the Rem 600 shoot well in my 20in HB but not as well as the loading that was worked up for it. Load for the weapon.

Primers are one time consumables, pick the one/s you feel safe with and work up a load with them. (Note, when I say 'work up a load', that doesn't dictate ever increasing velocities or larger amounts of powder. It means finding 'THAT' loading that meets my requirements and is safe.)

Enjoy and be safe,


I use 748 ball type powder a great deal and have not found any need to use 'Mag' primers, clean and consistent. But then I'm too old to go out hunting in 20 below temps anymore.

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