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Just finished talking to Ruger Customer Service on the East Coast, the technician at first said there was no change in the springs and the only change to the hammer was the bobbing no change in hammer material, and that the bobbed hammer should not affect reliability at all.

Ruger does not sell bobbed hammers to the general public so they can do the installation themselves,,,a Ruger Revolver owner can send the firearm in and the charge is about $80 to install the bobbed hammer.

However then we began to discuss DA/SA and SA only and the technician said that when installing a bobbed hammer Ruger does change the pistol over to DA only and in doing so he said there might be a small spring change.

After asking him, the technician said even without the change to DA only and the minor spring change that the handgun should be reliable with the hammer bobbed.

I have been known to have jumped off cliffs forgetting my parachute,,,and the old saying "Discretion is the Better Part of Valor" comes to mind,,,it might be better to call and talk to the manufacturer before you get out the file!
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