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I have a couple of either ( sorry no pics of those rifles though ) I do like a black scope on the walnut stock, especially if it has ebony tip & grip cap...

some brands better match the silver stainless color than other, but as posted, there is almost never a "perfect" match

my last couple customs used blued actions, & stainless barrels with walnut stocks, & black scopes... at 1st I thought the stainless barrels would look out of place, & I'd have to get them finished dark... but they've grown on me, & I now find them to be particularly nice looking...

my latest was a 70's Remington 700 that had a burned out 17 Remington barrel... I replaced the barrel with stainless, & rechambered it ( & replaced the mag box, spring & follower ) in 17 Fireball, with the walnut stock, with the ebony tip & grip cap, jeweled bolt, stainless barrel, blued mounts & rings, & a black 70's Redfield 4-12 power scope, I think it's one of my nicer looking rifles
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