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2012 Whitetail Harvest Thread

Well I haven't seen a whitetail picture thread this season yet, so let's get one started! There was a pretty good one last season:

So post up a picture of your successful hunt and share a story if there's one to tell Bucks, does, the occasional 'squatch that was in the wrong place at the wrong time, it doesn't matter...........ok maybe we'll stick to just the bucks and does.

I got this 6 pointer at the end of archery season, not a real big one but not a runt either, put some good meat in the freezer. He hung around and walked all over the place before finally coming in range, ran about 40-50 yards after the shot.

I had been seeing a nice wide racked 8 point for several days, but the only day he was within range was on the first afternoon I was out there, and I never go for the first one I see each season, so.......... at me.
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