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I clean after every round fired. Sure, it slows down my day at the range, but then I know my guns are really clean. Seriously, if I go to the range and fire 100 rounds or so each through 2 or 3 guns I may not clean them at all, other than wiping down the outside of the guns. After two or three trips like that I take the time to clean them. I used to spend quite a bit of time with Hoppes#9, an old toothbrush and a lot of pads, but now I usually use a combination cleaner and lubricant on the broken down gun parts, the same chemical on the bore snack for a few run throughs the barrel, and a treated gun cloth to wipe down the outside. So far I have no gun condition related issues and the guns look pretty good. I guess if I were the type of shooter who puts 300 to 500 rounds downrange at a single session I would be much more diligent about cleaning.
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