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I carry a S & W 642 as my primary ccw. Clear kote finish is starting to crack and checker. What are my options and/or your recommendations to refinish it? Bugs me that the thing isn't "pretty" aymore.
The same thing happened to my 642 after about the first 9 months of being carried as my backup gun. My personal opinion is that a handgun is a fighting weapon intended to save lives, and as such I'm not all that concerned with it being "pretty". I understand what you're saying as far as not wanting it to look unnecessarily abused, but the truth of the matter is that any amount of serious training and shooting is going to put some serious wear on a weapon anyway. So my personal opinion is to not worry about it being "pretty", and in fact now that it's good and broken in I'd suggest you shoot the bejesus out of it since you've got nothing to lose. Then when people ask you why it looks worn you'll be able to tell them it's because you train like a madman.
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