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Likewise give the rest of us the benefit as well, go and read post #1. The question, as posed was NOT, "I visit friends in NY State, can I transport my unloaded shotgun there or anywhere else".
From post 1: "My question pertains to the legality of transporting the shotgun out of state." Seems to me that was exactly the question posed...

Regardless, I'm totally willing to give people the benefit of the doubt as you suggest. However, there's no way you can tell me that the comments made in posts 4, 13, 25, and 35 are civil. Accusing a guy of looking for a firefight, comparing him to Rambo, and then finally suggesting that he lacks the common sense to understand what constitutes a judicial use of lethal force isn't civil, and such comments certainly didn't contribute anything to the thread. I'm not interested in fighting, but I'm also not going to turn a blind eye to comments like that when they are clearly inappropriate and unnecessary. If we want the forum to remain civil then we've got to be willing to jump in and say something when comments like the aforementioned are made.
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