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I would like to give the OP the benefit of the doubt here, which I think I have and think that he or anyone deserves. He has clarified things a bit here and has expressed more than a few changed ideas about things.

Likewise give the rest of us the benefit as well, go and read post #1. The question, as posed was NOT, "I visit friends in NY State, can I transport my unloaded shotgun there or anywhere else". The question was regarding a 870, "loaded" in the eye of the law in some states (shells in the side saddle) kept in a "hiding spot" in his new SUV while going to a laundry list of places including possibly NYC, so in the first post at a minimum it seems to be more a discussion of toting around a loaded or unloaded 870 in one's vehicle in any number of less than gun friendly locations.

I hope you can see that this conversation steered the way it did because of how, and what was said in post one. All of us here are likely in agreement that it should not be as hard as it is to figure out the rules for transporting a gun, or have to fear over running afoul of them. Likewise folks seem to be in agreement that the need for an at the ready long arm in a vehicle is microscopic to zero.

Frankly I don't think there is much need to say anything further and the discourse here has been very civil. Internet forums are conversations, they take turns and such no big surprise there and frankly some questions get predictable responses for predictable reasons. If I posted to ask where on a bear was the best placed to shoot it with a 22 magnum to effect a kill should I be surprised when I get asked why or told the folly of this?
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