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Ok, scsov. I see where he was called out for looking for a fight. I don't think anything he has written suggests that he is doing anything of the kind and many of the comments he finds offensive were made to impress him with how local law enforcement may view things if he is found with a shotgun in his car. The question as to the wisdom of taking a shotgun into a home with four children seemed a good one, but there are gun locks for situations of the sort.
The question about taking a shotgun into a home with children is a fantastic one. But since the guy is being responsible enough to take the time and inquire about the legal transport of a shotgun, I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he's aware of how to safely handle and store a weapon around others. I just vehemently object to a guy asking a legitimate, responsible question only to be accused of looking for a firefight or thinking he's Rambo. No room for that sort of stuff on this forum.
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