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I missed where anyone said that and I doubt that you wish to keep the 870 with you and look for trouble. Now that you mention it, you do seem to be trolling and in that fashion "looking for a fight".
Try posts 4, 13, 25, and 35. Post 13 states specifically, "I just dont under stand why someone would want to carry a hidden shot gun or 1,000 rounds of ammo in thier vehicle. I dont go around looking for a fire fight, but it seems like some people plan on it."

Sorry, I'm with Capt on this one. He asked a question about transporting a shotgun and got multiple responses demanding he explain the reason for wanting to do so, which by the way were asked by a guy who's been on the forum barely a month. I understand his frustration and don't think it's fair to say he's looking for a fight when his motives have been brought into question in this manner.

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