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Question? Why do you need to drive around with a shotgun in your car, and also if you need to ask these questions, that should be the first indaction that you probably should re think your plan.
I just dont under stand why someone would want to carry a hidden shot gun or 1,000 rounds of ammo in thier vehicle.
This sentence right here. Your going to carry a 870 when you cant carry your ccw. If you have time to go to your truck grab and then load your 870. You have enought time to exit the situation, and thier would be no need for the 870, that is what a jury is going to look at if you happen to shoot someone. There are some legality issues with this. We are not trying to be mean but common sense should be used, especially when firearms are involved.
I'm sorry, how is it any of your business why he wants to transport a shotgun or where he envisions needing one? This is a simple question about the legality of transporting to specific states, not a request for opinions about the desire to use a shotgun for personal defense.
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