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The maximum load should basically be the same as for the Traditions sidelock rifles of the same caliber. The maximum loads are listed on page 5 of the Traditions sidelock PDF manual which are 110 of 2F and 105 of 3F.

Since a musket cap is not as powerful as a 209 primer, I don't know if it will work reliably with pellets in a sidelock or not. You're probably better off with loading loose powder only since Traditions doesn't recommend using them in sidelocks. And Hodgdon specifically warns against using any kind of booster charge of loose powder under the pellets probably because there's a chance that a delayed double ignition could create a bore obstruction resulting in barrel damage or an injurious rupture.

Pellets are intended to be used in place of granular powder. Do not combine Pellets with loose powder. Do not combine Pellets of different caliber sizes.
Originally Posted by Traditions Sidelock Manual Page 7
Note: Preformed Pyrodex® Pellets generally work best in in-line rifles and were not designed for guns with side-lock ignition.Traditions™ Thunder Magnum™ rifle is an exception to this in that its ignition channel directs the spark to the rear of the propellant load so that the shooter can utilize pellets.
The original Pyrodex Pellet designed for use in 50 caliber, in-line rifles. A single 50/50 pellet may be used for a light target or small game load while two 50/50 pellets may be combined to provide a potent 100 gr. equivalent load for big game. They are packed 100 pellets to the box and 24 pellets to the card. It may be used with standard caps, musket caps or 209 ignition system

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