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The modern militia movement is a joke. They don't need special editing or a detailed search for missing chromosome branches.

When the world didn't end in the 1970's suppliers were stuck with lots of surplus junk. They needed a market and imho the various militias were created to be that market.

The same people that convinced the easily persuadable that they should move to the Rogue river valley and dig bunkers for the coming nuclear winter, just changed the threat from starving city folks bent on stealing stock piles of k-rations into government thugs bent of stealing their freedom.

Off course the 90s up turn in the economy, stupid acts of violence and Oklahoma City pretty much put a damper on the movement.

The economy and various social factors has made the militia movement popular again, but it's still made up of the same types of folks that are easy to persuade.

Remember friends don't let friends join militias.
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